Bergdala Spinnhus

handwoven, sewn - clothing, home furnishings - academic dress

Welcome! My name is Kerstin Fröberg. I opened Spinnhuset in 1999. I work with textiles in many ways. Sometimes I spin, often I weave, or sew, or mangle...
I am a weaver since 1985. When I opened Spinnhuset I bought a computer interfaced loom, but I still have (and use) my old countermarche looms.
my computerized loom
a V-shawl on the loom
a V-shawl just off the loom
my stone mangle
fabric for interiors: chair coverings
handspun silk
handwoven sieve, horsehair
fabric with spirals

My computer interfaced loom is an AVL from USA.
The software I use the most is from Fiberworks.

I am a fellow of The Burgon Society , an international society for the study of academic dress .

The local weaving guild has expired, but the old website of Vi Kronobergsvävare has survived here at Spinnhuset.

Bergdala Spinnhus
Bergdala 27
365 92 Hovmantorp