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on weaving, tricks and tips

Weaving has existed for about 27000 years. Only 250 years ago the machines that made it possible for one weaver to work several looms at a time began to evolve. The history of handweaving is long, and it has not come to an end yet...

On these pages I want to share some tricks and tips I have learned during the short 20 years I have been weaving.

On threading the loom
On sleying the reed
Under articles there are some articles on weaving theory and drafting. Some important dates in the history of weaving (in the western world):
  • the upright loom (also called warp-weighted loom) was in use ca 7500 years ago
  • the shedding mechanism was first invented in Iraq or Turkey about 6000 years ago
  • the horizontal treadle loom, as we know it today, was commonly used from the 1300s
  • 1733 the flying shuttle was first patented in England. It resulted in a dirth of yarn, which led to the invention of spinning machines
  • 1774 Cartwright invented a mechanised loom
  • 1785 Cartwright's steam driven loom
  • 1801 JM Jaquard got his first patent on a punch-card patterning mechanism
  • 1805 the first powered loom in production, in England
  • 1835 figures from England: 14000 power looms for the weaving of woollens (vadmal and such), 39000 power looms for worsteds
  • hand looms with fly shuttles are still used in industry in several "low-cost" countries

Sources for the facts above are, among several encyclopedias, Prehistoric textiles and Women's work, the first 20000 years by E W Barber. Older encyclopedias often have long and interesting articles about weaving and textile industry.

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