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Long horsehair for weaving!

Traditional horsehair fabrics are woven with un-spun horsehair fibres for weft. This means that the maximum weaving width is determined by the length of the hairs.

Bergdala Spinnhus offers 70 cm long horeshair! This means it is possible to weave up to 65 cm wide fabric - a couple of cms in each side are needed to handle the weft.
The white is only 45 cm long.

Please note that the horsehair I am selling has it's natural colours, which means that some colour variations can be seen.
The "black" horsehair has <5 % light-coloured fibres. It can be dyed with dyes for wool and other protein fibres.
The "white" horsehair has variations from white to grayish. Some of it may have a slight yellow tint.

All horsehair costs 100 SEK/100g. Minimum order 50 grams.
Postage to be added.
You can either order directly (pre-set weights, postage within Europe included - note: page only in Swedish), or contact me through e-mail.

horsehair for weaving

colour variations
What can it be used for? Click on horsehair fabrics for some examples. There are more examples on my blog. (opens in a new window)
two necklaces with horsehair

Here are a couple of more ideas: a braided necklace all in horsehair, another with the horsehair as accent.

And don't forget the old rocking horse...

Contact me to order.

rocking horse: before
rocking horse: after



Fringe twister

Would you like to make long twisted fringes, but find it hard work?
Here is the tool: with this you can easily make two- or three-plied fringes.

The twister cost SEK 180 (postage to be added), and comes with a description of how to use it.
You can also read the description here.

Contact me to order.

fringe twister


Weave a V

Weave a V?

A booklet about how to weave shawls at an angle. It costs SEK 150 plus postage. (Overseas customers can also buy it from Laura Fry.)

See more V-shaped shawls here.

Contact me to order. (Don't forget to specify which language you want.)

V-shaped shawl


buttons for sale


Small metal buttons with 4 holes, diameter 13 mm - SEK 2:50 each.

Glass buttons with the hole on the back, diameter 18 mm - 7:50 each.

Bigger metal buttons with 4 holes, diameter 27 mm - 6:- each.
Can be used both ways.

Contact me to order.



Silk fabrics

Black silk fabrics - the colours in the pictures are not correct.
To the left: a heavy silk crepe (38 mm) with a beautiful drape. Black, with a hint of brown. It is 112 cm wide, SEK 320 per meter (plus postage).

To the right: a firm bourette (sometimes called "raw silk"). Deep black. It is 112 cm wide, SEK 160 per meter (plus postage).

Contact me to order fabric or samples.


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