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How many chairs can there be?

Once upon a time there were some old chairs...
They were of good quality, but threadbare, faded and boring.

In collaboration with Ingrid at Skrufs Tapetserarverkstad we made four totally different chairs...

old chair before
four different
here is one...
detail of the fabric
The first got a linen fabric with a pattern
inspired by snakeskin
...and another
detail of the fabric
For a more glamorous look:
cotton fabric with sequins.
For a more detailed description of the fabric, click here.  
chair with horsehair fabric
horsehair fabric
detail of the fabric
The third chair:
horsehair fabric with text,
to show where to sit...

Read more about the fabric here.

a more classical look
detail of the fabric
Lastly, the fourth:
a classical block design in linen
Are you interested in a very special fabric?
Contact me for discussion.

Bergdala Spinnhus
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