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Academic dress for Växjö University

Växjö University amalgamated with Kalmar Högskola in January 2010, and is now called Linnæus University.
These gowns can still be used in certain instances.
The gowns for Linnæus University can be seen here.

The gown is worn by the Rector, Vice Rector, Deans, Professors, Professors Emeriti and Promotors on feast days.
The gown for Rector, Vice Rector and Deans has a facing in the red colour of Växjö University.
Promotors have an épitoge of doupioni silk in the faculty colour - blue for arts and letters, green for mathematics, sciences and technology.
The gown is made of black bourette silk with a red lining.

detail of gown
Promotor for the faculty of Arts and letters
From the celebration in Febr 2003. Promotor for the faculty of Arts and letters
back view of gown
The back is cut to represent the double towers of the Växjö cathedral.

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Bergdala Spinnhus
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