Bergdala Spinnhus

Academic dress for Malmö University

The gown is worn by the Rector, Deans, Professors, Professors Emeriti and Promotors on feast days.
The gown is made of black silk crêpe with details of doupioni silk in green-shot-red. The cut of the back is inspired by the logotype of Malmö University.
front view of gown
back view of gown
Construction of the sleeve
The construction of the sleeve can be seen to the left.
The shoulder is narrow, so that the sleeve cap will fall inside the wearer's shoulder.
The sleeve is wide, not very long and has no underarm seam. The idea with this is that one gown will fit many different weares without looking "outgrown" - the sleeve will fall straight if the wearer bends the arm.

From the celebrations in Oct, 2000.

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Bergdala Spinnhus
Bergdala 27
365 92 Hovmantorp