Bergdala Spinnhus

handwoven - double shawls and scarves

double shawls with Morse message

Double shawls with a meaning

Meaning, how?
- The pattern is a message in Morse code! Order your own message, or choose from stock: ÄLSKLING, GRATULERAR, DARLING, LOVE... (E-mail me for a current list)

They are woven with interchanging double layers, approximately 160 x 30 cm. They are all cotton, machine washable and cost SEK 950.

black double shawl med silver coins

Shawls with coins

The coins are for glitter, but also to give a heavier drape.
Both ends have coins.

This shawl comes in several colours and widths, price from SEK 800.

lilac/black double shawl

Shawls in "false double weave"

Two separate layers that have no connection with each other.

Woven in cotton only they require careful handling, but can be good for a special occasion.

Woven with a combination of wool and cotton they will instead be bumpy, and more warming.

bumpy shawl in double layers
bumpy shawl in double layers

Bergdala Spinnhus
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