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handwoven - "bumpy" shawls and scarves

These shawls are woven in cotton and wool. After weaving, the fringes are made, and then they are machine-washed so that the wool yarn is shrunk. As the cotton does not shrink, the result is a shawl that "goes bump".

One of the new models for the season (below left) is an airy summer shawl in pastels. The sherbet shwals have a cotton warp and a linen weft for a more summery and crisper feel. These, too, have wool in the shrunken stripes. At the moment they exist in white, rose, green, apricot and skye blue. They cost 850 SEK.

The season's second new model I call "STONE WALL", below right. If you want to see how it is made, click here.
"Stone walls" cost 850 SEK. Stone walls and other "bumpies" can be made to order in your preferred colourway; e-mail me to order.

summer shawls in sherbet colours
"STONE WALLS" on stone wall

bumpy shawls in double layers
Another kind of bumpy - these, too, are a combination of wool and cotton, but they are woven in two separate layers. These too are wet finished in the washing machine, to shrink the wool layer.

I have a couple of the blue-purple ones in stock, they cost SEK 600 and can be ordered through e-mail.

bumpy shawl in double layers
bumpy shawl in double layers

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