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About twisting fringes

To twist fringes in thin yarns with only my fingers is not my most favourite task... so I made a fringe twisting tool - now also for sale!

Use it like this:
After the web is cut off the loom, tie overhand knots near the fell. (Use a knitting needle or something like that to help get the knots all the way up.) I like to make the knots small, to use two knots for each fringe. It is also possible to make bigger knots, dividing them into two when twisting.
With this tool it is also possible to make three-ply fringes. In the pictures only two of the clamps are used.

the tool

When the knots are tied, trim the fringe to a nice length. Remember that twisting will make the fringe shorter! The easiest way to trim is by using a cutting mat and a rotary cutter: place the knots on a line, comb the threads out and use the ruler and the cutter for a "perfect" result.

Now for the twisting: place the web on a table, with something heavy to hold it in place. Hold the fringes under slight tension while twisting.

Attach the two thread bundles to two clamps.
clamped threads
Twist - usually to the right. Count the revolutions, so you can make all fringes the same.
(How many turns? Relax the tension a little, to make the bundles curl back on themselves. Does it look nice? Do you need more or less twist? Usually you need more twist than you first thought you would...)
carefully take the bundles from the clamps
tie a knot
make the knot at the very end
Carefully take the knots out of the clamps.
Place them together, with the ends level, and make an overhand knot.

Use a knitting needle to place the knot as near the end as possible.

Let go (but carefully!) - and the twist will travel up the fringe.

let the twist travel slowly
You can buy a fringe twister for SEK 180 (plus postage) from me - just send an e-mail.

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