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To make the lease sticks stay in the warp, to prevent heddles falling off the shaft bars: the "half rosette" described in so many (Swedish) weaving books, that is so difficult to make...
This is a trick that will make the half rosette unnecessary. It works for all kind of sticks that need securing, if only they have a hole in each end.
Myself, I find it indispensable when securing lease sticks.

This is how to do it:
Cut a length of rug warp, seine twine or the like. It should be double the length of the stick in question, plus some extra (some 6 inches is enough).

Fold it in two. Thread the folded end through the hole in the stick. Like this:
thread fold through hole
Thread the loop around the stick end. Thread the long ends through the loop, so that the loop is secured.
secure the loop
Thread the other ends through the hole in the other end of the stick. take them to the other side of the stick.
take ends through hole in other end
Make a secure knot on the upper side of the stick.
tie a secure knot
Since rug warp has some elasticity, it is possible to work the string around the stick end, to get it off and back on, without ever undoing the knot.
open without releasing knot
wriggle the knotted loop over stick end
Use this method for all sticks that need securing - shaft bars, lease sticks...
I prefer to have my lease sticks separately secured. When beaming, it often helps to move the lease sticks individually.

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