Bergdala Spinnhus

on weaving, tricks and tips

My method for sleying:
this is the way I prefer to work. This way I can easily handle the warp ends, see the reed etc.
I put the reed in the batten, but not as for weaving. I mount it horizontally, so that it protrudes towards me. Like this:
reed placed in the batten
I "pick a cross" from the heddles - the number of ends in the "cross" corresponds to the number of ends I want per dent. In the picture I have two ends in the cross/per dent.
picking a cross for threading
To "pick a cross" can be a good idea however the reed is mounted. I like this way of placing the reed - it is stable, it is easily visible etc.
The drawback is that it has to be handled before weaving can start: it has to be lifted out, taken to the back of the batten, inserted anew. I find this work is small, compared to how much faster the sleying goes.

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