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on weaving, tricks and tips

Many (Swedish) book recommend that the whole harness mechanism is moved back, towards the warp beam, for threading the heddles.
That is doable (but not necessary) for those of us having a counterbalance loom. For a countermarche loom it can be very heavy. It is not always possible to find a helper the minute one needs it...
Also, it is not necessary. Bring the lease sticks forwards instead.

The position of the lease sticks has to be secured. Lease stick holders can be made to different degrees of sophistication - one easy way is to use common steel wire and string.

lease stick holder, detail
lease stick holder
A thing like this at each end of the lease sticks make them sit fairly level. Bring them forward to an easy reach, with the shafts still in their normal position.
The ends are easily reached, the cross is in good view.

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