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Some of our pages are translated to English: Anniversary exhibitions 2007:

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If you are using google translator - turn it off for our English pages! These pages are written in English, but the translator does not recognize that. It tries to translate as if it were Swedish, with sometimes very strange results.
And, for your information, we are weavers, not hovercrafters! (Our name means, one word at a time, We Kronoberg's Weavers - or, perhaps better, We Weavers of Kronoberg)

UPDATE: as of October 2017 these pages are hosted by Bergdala Spinnhus.
The links page is removed, but I think most of the interna links still work (they are not checked, neither is the occasional outgoing link).

Riksvävarna (the national guild) is still thriving, but without us.

New September'10: bumberet - yet another version of the "rackel" weave.

RUGS: now there are three sub-pages

We are a regional branch of Riksföreningen för Handvävning (Swedish national guild of weavers).
We are located in Kronoberg, Småland, in the south of Sweden. We have approximately 20 members.

During our by now 10+ years we have done a few bigger projects:
The first was in 2002, when we made 10 room dividers. The story (in Swedish), with pictures, can be found here. (Use your browser's "back" button to return here)

In 2004 we made a calendar. All the pages can be seen in bigger size if clicked. (Text in Swedish, but drawdowns are universal...)

2005 we had a summer exhibition, called "In the bower". (now in English)

Then we had our Big Year - the 10-year anniversary exhibitions in 2007 (see navigation bar).

necklace and vest - detail
A few other pages are translated to English:
  • On our index page we have listed our activites according to Weaving techniques, materials and so on. The index page is not completely translated, but you should be able to guess about words like "teori" and "idéer"
  • About rackel weave, or three-treadle weave.
  • About blanket brushing: we went to a brushing service to see (and do) for ourselves.
  • About a different method for winding a warp.
  • The bags project has come to an end, with pictures from the exhibition here.

Other pages that should be understandable for those of you that do not read Swedish include:

Lisas vävar - we were given lots and lots of samples from our late member Lisa. One of us has analyzed a few of them - drafts are international... except ours have a sinking-shed tie-up. Tie all blank squares for a rising-shed loom. There are two drafts at this time - more will come...

Here is an interesting decorative weave. This fabric was traditionally mounted as the decorative side on a sheep-skin bed cover.

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