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The profile challenge 2012

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Exhibition in Lessebo!

The theme for the last two-year period was "BÄRBART" - a play on words that is not easy to translate. "Wearables", certainly, but also "carryables" (if that is a word).
We found the theme a bit too broad, so we settled on tha last part, and made it BAGS instead.

Bags can be big, small, fancy, utilitarian - simple, elegant...

We have shown bags before. Some of these have been in earlier shows, some are old, but not shown and some are made specially for this exhibition.

To the right: the poster. The title is another play on words...

Welcome to us! Of course we brought our banner!

Three new bags of the traditional emigrant bag model. The emigrant bag was called "homesickness", and we included a worn and well-used one. Detail pictures of it can be found here.
(More pictures from the homesickness-bags: October, November och December.)

A bench with carryalls. The black one has discarded videro tapes for weft.

Småland bags carryalls
the window wall small and fancy
log cabin with explanation
to fetch firewood In the glass case there are small bags (pouches?)
Between the windows there are bigger bags in different materials.

Opposite there are more holdalls and a backpack.
The bag for fetching firewood is woven with rags.

more carryalls