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The profile challenge 2012

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Winter party in the ski-track

exhibition at Växjö library Jan 16 - Feb 3

Overview Coat Britt-Marie, shawl (with reflecting yarn) Kerstin, ensemble (skirt, cardigan, vest, muff and hat) Marianne, stool Elsa Snowfall Elin, coat Eivor
Rucksack Elsa, sweater Eivor, ski pants Kerstin The snow lantern is not woven, but made by Brita Both fruits and bowl are handwoven
Both the dog's coat and harness (?) with reflecting yarn are drawloom-woven!

There were also three shawls, two of which can be see on the overview picture.

The ski track was difficult to photograph. To the right is a picture from a different occasion, which shows the track clearly.