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The profile challenge 2012

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Festival in February

exhibition in Markaryd 13/2 - 4/3

The idea with this exhibition was to collect as many wild weaves and ideas as possible... A masquerade is a masquerade!
There was a clown, a hula-hula-girl, a couple of party kids, lots of glitter...

It was very difficult to take photos in this room - it was long and narrow, with one wall brick and the other one white. The photos do not make justice to all the ideas displayed!

There were masks hanging everywhere, but they do not show well in the photos.
Here, I have collected them all together.
The clown pants are really a blanket, the hula girl has a skirt of bands with paper weft. She also has a top of coconuts and handwoven bands.
A wallhanging with supplementary weft, partly unwoven and braided.
Behind the clown there are some masks and a shawl.
The clown's "necklace" is the sample from November 06 (in Swedish - about differential shrinkage).

We also had some glitter...:
there were many bracelets with glitter and beading; the dress of the party kid is really two shawls with glitter in woven pockets.

Not everything was glitter and glamour - this ikat hanging can also go partying!
There were several things not pictured here - evening purses, a whole gang of handwoven flowers, made into pins, a fan of horsehair, some more "normal" clothing...