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The profile challenge 2012

Some of our pages are translated to English: Anniversary exhibitions 2007:
The new National guild theme is called "NÅGOT ATT SMYCKA DITT RUM" (literally: SOMETHING TO ADORN YOUR ROOM).
Again, we thought it a bit broad, and decided to start with RUGS - maybe we will exhaust all rug ideas soon, and move on to tablecloths or... - who knows?

See the navigation bar for links to our rug meetings.

I have also collected pictures of rugs from various pages on this site - look here. There are links to pages where the rug(s) first made its appearance (sorry - all text in Swedish). Please note that all "pages" of the calendar are clickable for a bigger view. (Again text only in Swedish - but drafts are universal...)

Some links to rug pages out there in the wide world (right now that means Sweden and UK):
rug by J James
the picture is borrowed from Jaqueline James
The rug is a three end block weave with "Collingwood" shaft switching. - You can download the Collingwood book The techniques of rug weaving, should you get intrigued...