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The profile challenge 2012

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Picnic on the beach

exhibition at the library in Lessebo 9/7 - 27/7

On our lake the waves go high - no wonder, with the big waterfall at the far end... We had two sandy beaches, there was a changing hut in one corner, beach towels were hung to dry. For those who wanted to play, there was a big beach ball and a frisbee.
The mum did not bathe, one swimmer had come up again, and there was a sunbather on the far beach.
Just for the record: the frisbee, the flowers, the hat bands and the parasol are handwoven - as are the fruit and the fruit bowl!

The waterfall was of viscose ribbons.
In the lake there was a tuft of rush...

... and there were also some water-lilies

The beach bag was of baling string,
the sand is a rug woven of straw.

Of course there were sun hats for the children!

One summer-clad lady had not been in the water...

... and another who had