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About SNILJEFLOSSA, with Elsa as our guide.

As usual we start with the word: SNILJA is derived from French CHENILLE, which means "butterfly larva". Chenille can also mean "an unpleasant person".
Basically, first you weave your chenille (see oktober '06 for a short description), then you cut it and go on to weave your rug with the chenille strips for weft.

There isn't much to be found in literature - some books are mentioned at the bottom of the page. It seems like most instructions (but not all) suggest that you should twist the chenilles before weaving with them. This makes it easier to get the piece even-sided.
The technique was popular during the 1930ies and '40ies. It was possible to buy (rug) chenille for a long time. Nowadays there is something called "veckgarn". This yarn is constructed differently, but it is said to give a similar effect. (None of us has tried)
Elsa has woven sniljeflossa before - see oktober '06.
This time she had sampled with rugs, "stränggarn" (bundled wefts) and wool.


Above right is Elsa's green wool cushion, and old rug brought by Inger and Elsa's newly woven rag chenille rug.

We had several old rugs to look at - below is a rag rug with (rag) chenille along the sides (laid-in for a bit, then loose far a bit, laid-in again... along both sides). It also had laid-in rag "roses" distributed over the whole surface.

chenille, along the edge a rag rose

Inger had brought an old rug. It was so worn that the rags in the chenille was reduced almost to threads - it felt almost like velvet.
The picture to the right isn't in focus, unfortunately, but it shows that the weaver has used the rag chenille alternating with an ordinaru rag in the weft.

Inger had also brought three new rugs - below the blue, with a ball of the rag chenille.
Inger used a 10-meter warp when weaving the chenille. As luck had it, it was the perfect length for a rag ski shuttle! She wove three rugs - one white, one blue and one black, all with the same chenille for the effect picks. She used three or four picks with plain rags between the chenille picks.

Below to the right the other two can be glimpsed.

gammal och sliten
nyvävd fler exempel
  • Eldin, Från enris till flossa, ISBN 91-36-02282-9
  • Ignell, Trasmattor och andra inslag, ISBN 91-534-2631-2
  • Slöjd håller
  • Vävmagasinet nr 3/06
  • Vävmagasinet nr 3/10
cushion and chenille
Picture of veckgarn.
It was impossible to see how it is constructed...